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Map: South Africa
Gabis“Pssp, pssp. Yes, you. I have something interesting to tell you. Are you comfortable? Ok, relax, listen and imagine.” Some of our brave missionaries left Pella and crossed the Orange River to settle down in the South of Namibia. In Heirachabis they were touched by the German-Nama war. Actually transformed into a guest house, this big farm does still mean a lot to us. The evening before Christmas 1906, two parties placed their weapons in our house on a big table as a sign of peace which everyone wanted to happen. The celebration at hand of the birth of Jesus, Prince of Peace could not find a better significance! The Good News wanted to spread further and Gabis was founded in 1907. The Oblate charisme flowers even this dry region! And the mission is still flourishing and reaches out to the far off village of Noordoewer where the Catholic church is dedicated to St. Leonie Aviat ! St. Francis de Sales only asks us “to do ordinary things, but extraordinary well” at school, in our parish and outstations suffering from priest shortage.  Interesting things are happening at the hostel! Listen to our famous choir and watch our boys and girls dancing “Namastap” in their traditional cloths! An unforgettable performance! Our community loves to welcome “young salesian volunteers” from overseas and we learn a lot when our different cultures meet. Very different, we are one loving family! I urge you to go to Gabis and you will definitely see what is so dear there.

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